Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron (born January 28, 1973) 1 is an American comic book author, known for his work on titles like Thor, The Other Side, Scalped, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Punisher MAX. Since early 2016, Aaron has authored The Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange, and Star Wars for Marvel, and Southern Bastards and The Goddamned for Image.

Jason Aaron was born in Jasper, Alabama2. His cousin, Gustav Hasford, who wrote the semi-autobiographical novel The Short-Timers (1979), on which the feature Full Metal Jacket (1987) based, greatly influenced Aaron. Aaron decided to become a comic author when he was a child, and even though his father was skeptical when Aaron informed him of his aspirations, his mother took him to drugstores where he could buy comics, some of which still possession.

He went to the University of Alabama in Birmingham, where he validated a Bachelor of Art in English.

Jason Aaron’s career in the Comics began in 2001 when he won a talent search contest organized by Marvel Comics with an eight-page script for Wolverine. The story, which was published in Wolverine # 175 (June 2002), gives him the opportunity to present ideas to publishers5.

In 2006, Aaron sent a blind script to Vertigo, an affiliate of DC Comics, who released his first major work, the Vietnam War story The Other Side5, which was nominated for an Eisner Award for the “Best Mini-Series” 7, which according to Aaron allowed him to break into the Comics industry for “the second time” 5.8. As a result, Vertigo asked him to propose other ideas, which allowed the Scalped series to see the light of day, a personal project located in the fictional Prairie Rose Indian reserve designed by R. M. GuĂ©ra5,8,9.

In 2007, Aaron wrote a pilot episode of Ripclaw for Top Cow10. Later that same year, Marvel editor Axel Alonso, who had been impressed by The Other Side and Scalped, hired Aaron to write Wolverine, Black Panther, and eventually continue the Ghost Rider series that began in April 2008. His continued work on Black Panther also includes a tie-in of the Marvel Secret Invasion crossover with David Lapham in 200911.

In January 2008, he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel with no effect on his work on Scalped11,12. Later in July, he writes the number on The Penguin of The Joker’s Asylum13,14.

After a series of four numbers commissioned on Wolverine in 2007, Aaron returns to the character with the Wolverine series: Weapon X, released at the same time as the feature film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Aaron comments: {{quoteWith Wolverine: Weapon X we will try to mix things a little bit in arc, so the first arc and typically a secret operation way but the second arc will jump directly in the middle of a completely different kind }} 15. In 2010, the series is relaunched again under the simple name Wolverine16. In 2011, and until 2014, he is the screenwriter for Wolverine and the X-men17. At the same time, he continues on the new launch of The Incredible Hulk in 201118 and Thor: God of Thunder in 2012.19 Aaron and artist Mike Deodato collaborate on the limited Original Sin series in 2014.20 While working on Thor, Aaron designs the new female version for Thor and writes the new version of the series.

Aaron also writes the Star Wars comics for Marvel, located between Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

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